Paul Daniels Aerial Filming is here

2017 is a new start and aerial vision will be now known as Paul Daniels Aerial Filming , If I can help with any aerial filming please get in touch

Paul Daniels Aerial Filming

Fantastic Sunshine , Testing winds

We have been out today filming the last footage for Badshoes film , First stop was flying over water at Race Hub Lake in Melton Mowbray huge thanks to them for giving us permission to fly a quick call to Midland Helicopters to let them know we was flying in the aera and  was ready to go . The wind was rather high to say the least but still within our operating zone , After a few fly overs the director gave the all OK and we was ready to go to our next flying site , Which happens to be our own secret test site which was ideal for what they required , With one happy film director the afternoon flying was complete .

Check out who we are ” Meet the team section”

Take a look at our meet the team section and see who we are ! , We are currently very busy on a few projects that we hope to be finished soon


The Post Man has been !

With all this rain and bad weather , You need something to cheer yourself up so we decided to treat the inspire and purchased a set of Polar Pro Filters for the X5 camera , Quality doesn’t come cheap and these filters are not cheap but are great !


Before the rain comes !

With the weather looking rather bad over the next few days we decided to get our and grab some extra footage needed for our badshoe’s film shoot . The wind was blowing good but the inspire held steady as a rock and grabbed some great footage . Really looking forward to see the end result


Finally a day without rain for filming

After a few days of rain we was able to get out with Badshoes film and start work on a couple of projects that we are working on with them , After our last meet up which saw us flying from a 60 ft wide beam canal boat we was able to finish some of the footage require for their newest project .

( Badshoes director Keith wanted to have a go on the camera and he loved  it  )



Rain Rain Go Away !

Well looks like this week is a washout for us rain has well and truly stopped play , Looking forward on a couple of interesting jobs coming up soon




Race Hub Melton open water swim

Had a Fantastic evening filming 130 open water swimmers at the race hub weekly swim , We could not of asked for better weather and a huge turn out of 130 people to swim the lake just shown how popular the Race Hub training center is getting .


Race Hub 


Wow what a day to be out filming

Back at the Lake today and the weather could not be better , Sun block at the ready ! Extra footage for Badshoes Film latest project and a evening of filming the Race Hub open water swim ! .

badshoes logo      RACE-HUB-LOGO-TRANS

Its not all drones and no play : ) time for some fixed wing action

Sometimes you just need a break from flying UAV’s , At Aerial Vision with also have CAA permissions to fly fixed wing UAV’S , But like nothing better than to get the good old RC planes out and have some fun do the field . Sometimes it is not the most expensive in the fleet to gain the most smiles , Our £60 sky scout is just the ticket for relaxing and having some fun :)